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INBOUND is a software program that provides commodity classification and Australian import, export, quarantine and taxation information. At the international level it utilises the Harmonised System from the World Customs Organisation, which is a commodity classification nomenclature adopted by 179 countries to administer international trade.

In one software package, INBOUND provides customs brokers and freight forwarders with the detailed information they need to successfully classify and move products through Customs.



The OUTBOUND Export Compliance Toolkit is the software solution for exporters who need fast, up-to-date classification data and the binding rules and regulations for export. Even inexperienced users can classify goods in seconds using common names or brand names. Users are automatically alerted to any permits that may be required for the item to be exported, and OUTBOUND provides relevant Federal legislation and contact details for all permit issuing agencies.



TRADEWISE NEW ZEALAND is the essential risk management tool to help avoid Customs Administrative Penalties for incorrect tariff classification. It is the only tariff classification software that is updated weekly and integrates at least fifty trade-related books, enabling informed compliance via true transparency in duty management, compliance screening and document generation for inbound and outbound shipments.


Inbound Online

Inbound Online is a new way to use your much loved Inbound product when you’re not in the office. It not only comes with the same features and user interface capabilities that you love in Inbound but also includes several new features to enhance productivity. With improved features and with the anytime anywhere convenience of a web based Inbound, Inbound Online is the logical choice.


iClear Online

In today’s environment of mandatory regulations and cut throat competition, it is no longer enough to have a program to simply submit your import declarations. You need a comprehensive software solution that includes features to maximize the efficiency of your import process.