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World trade is a vastly more complex proposition now than it has ever been. There has been a revolution in the way we do business. The scale and gravity of increased security and compliance management for doing business internationally is unprecedented and affects all participants in the supply chain.

As a global trader you know international trade cannot be expedited without the right compliance checks in place. Tradewise New Zealand gives you the knowledge and confidence to perform these tasks with unprecedented accuracy.
Tradewise New Zealand is a professional business tool that offers operational excellence in trade management.

Tradewise New Zealand encompasses all key import and export legislation. It is fully integrated, easily distributed and is updated as often as required. Tradewise is the revolutionary business tool that brings integrity and information transparency to the desktop.
Tradewise New Zealand has been uniquely and specifically designed to simplify trade compliance management for New Zealand importers, exporters, service providers and government.

Key benefits

Ease of use
Logical interface design with easy access to commonly used features.

Up to date
Updated regularly via automatic email notification. It features email communication as standard maintenance and support.

SmartSearch can automatically link almost half a million trade names, common names and drug names to the WCO's Harmonised System (HS). For example, if you need to classify a computer, you simply type in the word Pentium. SmartSearch knows that a Pentium is a kind of computer, and will suggest classifications that fit. The Sentinel Priority 1 Bulletin will proactively monitor all content for changes and report those changes back to you. The Alerts feature will alert you to any document or permit requirements prior to export or import.

The content includes the current Harmonised System and explanatory notes, as well as up to fifty other books, including the First Schedule, Excise Duties and 26 legislative books, all integrated by powerful search tools.

Full support
Tradewise New Zealand is a user-friendly, stand-alone application with a built-in help system. Content updates are supplied regularly via automatic email notification. Tradewise Assist provides telephone and email support to all subscribers.

To find out more about Tradewise New Zealand browse the menu options opposite, then contact Trevor Gilbert at TRADEPASS, phone 0800 48 44 38, or email to sales@digerati.com.au.