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OUTBOUND is more than just the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to determine export classification. It's a complete export compliance toolkit!

OUTBOUND is the software solution for exporters who need fast, up-to-date export classification and the binding rules and regulations for export.

Designed specifically for Australian exporters, OUTBOUND allows even inexperienced users to classify goods in seconds using common names, like windcheater and moped, or brand names such as Panadol and Weet-Bix. And now OUTBOUND includes classifications for 30,000 industrial chemicals.

You are also automatically alerted to the export permits you may require for your goods. And OUTBOUND provides the permit application forms where available, as well as contact details for all permit issuing agencies.

OUTBOUND’s new Dangerous Goods features helps you understand the dangerous goods requirements for goods you need to ship. It even shows you the required placarding.

Global Trader, one of our many new OUTBOUND features, is an easy-to-use landed cost calculator. It allows you to rapidly calculate duties and other import taxes, and even transportation and insurance charges associated with moving your consignments into foreign ports. We include import tariffs and regulatory information for more than 20 countries. And because it’s from Digerati you know it’s up-to-date.

Global Trader can be used to compare sourcing options for multiple countries or to quote a total landed cost to your customer. Even complex tariff scenarios for assemblies and kits are supported. Our regulatory control wizards guide you through the maze of import and export controls for all these foreign destinations. It’s all there: quotes, visas, licensing, permits, countervailing duties and more. Global Trader is offered with an initial free trial period and a reasonable subscription pricing structure.

Don’t forget that your copy of OUTBOUND is updated weekly via email, so you know you always have the latest information. For more information about OUTBOUND phone 1300 72 72 71 or email us at sales@digerati.com.au.