Inbound Registration

How to reregister









Your current Inbound subscription is about to expire and you need to connect to the this year’s subscription. To do this you simply have to reregister your Inbound.

How to reregister

·         Make sure Inbound is closed (if you are on a server installation everyone will need to shut Inbound).

·         Go to your ‘Start’ menu and select ‘All Programs’.

·         Find the ‘Inbound V2.0’ folder and select ‘Inbound Registration’.


·         The registration wizard will open, click ‘Next’.

·         Enter the correct amount of users for your installation and click ‘Next’.


·         Your site code will be displayed, click ‘Next’.

·         If you are already receiving emails leave the box un-ticked and click ‘Next’.


·         Select ‘Register automatically via the internet (fastest)’ then click ‘Next’.

·         Click the ‘Test’ button.


·         The following message should appear, click ‘Ok’.

·         A Next button has now appeared, click ‘Next’.

·         The following message should appear, click ‘Ok’.

Your Inbound should now be registered so you are now able to use it once more.


If after reregistering you try to open Inbound and it says that your Inbound has expired please follow the below steps.

·         Go into your Inbound folder on your C drive (or wherever you have Inbound installed).

·         Find the file ‘register.exe’ (the exe part may not be visible).

·         Delete this file.

·         Use this link ( to download the new register.exe file. If asked to save, run or cancel select save.

·         Once you have saved this file to your computer move it into your Inbound folder (make sure that you do not change the file name).

·         Once it has been moved into the Inbound folder double click the file to run it.