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What is Inbound Remote Access?

Inbound Remote Access is a new way to use your much loved Inbound product when youíre not in the office. It not only comes with the same features and user interface capabilities as you have it on the desktop currently, it offer additional access to a remotely hosted Inbound application so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime using our remote linking interface. . 

In effect, you get full proof way to conduct your business that is you have duplicate Inbound service at your disposal at all the times, one at your office and the other remotely hosted. . 

There are two ways to obtain access to Inbound Remote:

  • You can buy an Inbound Remote license 12 month subscription just as would normally do for your current desktop system, you donít have to have Inbound installed at your office, we host it at our data centre, or

  • For every Inbound desktop license currently you have, you are entitled an Inbound Remote access license. This offers a full proof back up system as well way to access Inbound when you are away from your office

For more information about Inbound Online phone 1300 72 72 71 or send an email to sales@digerati.com.au.